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Heimat is a line of contemporary and high quality clothing in comfortable fabrics made for the multifaceted men and women, who need functional armor for a lifestyle that spans from day to evening engagements. The clothing is easy to maintain, versatile and lasts a long time.

The designs are inspired by the architecture of urban informal settlements, infamously known as slum dwellings. The colors and textures represent some of the elements found there, such as blue tirpal, curry orange, asbestos grey, washed brick, burnt terracotta, jamun and moss green. The letter ‘E’ in the Heimat logo depicts an open door – which embraces opportunity. The door to independence is not locked forever, but can be opened, and ultimately, we need to find the courage to walk through it. Whichever language you speak, heimat or hygge, is a continuous aspiration. Thus, Heimat, is inspired by the concept of belonging.

The embroidery represents an aerial view of urban topography, where wealthy, gated communities sit next to slum dwellings, thus creating this uneven texture of social fabric. They are connected physically, but societal structures keep them disconnected.